1. What am I supposed to do?

Create a glog about the 4 forms of government. The glog must include the information gathered in your ISN. It must
also include 4 test boxes 1 for each form of government and 4 images 1 for each form of government. If time allows add links to websites with more information.

2. What forms of government do I include?

1. Democracy
2. Monarchy
3. Oligarcy
4. Tyranny

2. What can I use to find what I need?

Use your ISN page 44-45

How to Log on

User name: schoeneman
Password: gradebook

How to save your GlogPeriod # lastname.first initial example: 2woods.t

Go to Glogster

Complete your Assignment in this order.

  1. Choose Wall
  2. Choose and complete 4 text boxes
  3. Add 3 graphics
  4. Choose 4 images
  5. Add 4 internet links