Energy Project

´╗┐Assignment: Using the resources listed below: Answer the questions,

and complete the final assignment at the bottom of this page.

1. Using the resources listed below and your creative imagination list 10 alternative energy sources
that are sustainable (can be maintained without harming the natural world.)
2. Choose 1 of the energy sources you listed to complete the assignment. What is that energy source?
3. How could you get this fuel source?
4. How could you, in your home or neighborhood covert these sources into useable electricty?

Web Sites

Ways to harness energy:
Fuels that can replace oil:
Ways to power your home:
Ways to harness solar energy:
Algae as a energy source:
Algae as a energy source:
Bacteria as a energy soruce:

Use the following articles from Encyclopedia Britannica listed below to answer the following questions.
5. In the United States when did we become aware of an energy problem?
6. At that time why did our leaders believe that the U.S. had an energy problem?
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Global warming:
Energy Crisis:

Final Product:

1. Write a description of the energy source.
2. Explain how this energy can be converted into electricity.
3. Draw a diagram of your power plant.
Choose one of the following to complete they must include at least 2 visuals:
  • model
  • brochure
  • power point